A Surrealist Urban Scenery

Immersive Experience | 06 2017 

Every city has its Wunderbar

No fixed time, no fixed place

It may be here today, or somewhere else tomorrow
But all traces will disappear before dawn
Every building in this city is possible
to be or will be a Wunderbar

没有固定的时间 也没有固定的地点
今天在这里狂欢 明天又去别处喧闹
在黎明到来以前 所有痕迹都会消失 
在这座城市里 每一栋建筑 都曾经

或者将来是一座 Wunderbar 


4-6 min VR experience

HTC Vive Pro/Oculus Rift S

10x10 sq ft room space

Special thanks to

Professor Marcos Novak, transLab, and Transvergence

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