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A Surrealist Urban Scenery 

Immersive Experience | 06 2017 

Wunderbar is a VR experience about an "Alice wonderland" hidden in a city. Audiences can wander during the nighttime of the city to find this place through visual hints and sound messages. It's a place of fantasy in combination with a surreal atmosphere and traces of daily lives but with no person around. 

每一座城市都有它的神奇酒吧  / 没有固定的时间 也没有固定的地点
今天在这里狂欢 明天又去别处喧闹 / 在黎明到来以前 所有痕迹都会消失 
在这座城市里 每一栋建筑 都曾经 / 或者将来是一座 


4-6 min VR experience

HTC Vive Pro/Oculus Rift S

10x10 sq ft room space

Special thanks to

Professor Marcos Novak, transLab, and Transvergence

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