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Report & Analytics

Data Tool for Contact center

Product/UX Design | 10 2019 - 04 2020

Report & Analytics is a highlight feature of the Connect Call Center + CRM service. It provides 50 pre-built and customizable reports and 7 dashboards for managers to understand and oversee the business performance. It helps:

  • Call center supervisors to monitor real-time traffic load, caller experience, and agent performance

  • Sales/Support managers to measure the sales performance and customer service experience

  • Customer managers to understand the customer trend


Product research
User research
Product design

Design Delivery

My Role

Product Design Lead
Worked with the product manager (CEO), front-end and back-end engineering teams

Led the UI/UX designer


Oct 2020 - Jan 2021


Sketch - UI/UX Design
InVision App - Design handoff
Trello - Project management
Miro & Lucidchart - User flow, Information Architecture


We rolled out the Connect Contact center service in Taiwan. According to our customer feedback and business prospecting, the next step is to provide methods for customers to monitor the performance of their Call centers and analyze the data in their contact database. In this project, we are working as a small innovation team in an agile environment.


  • Data reports provide effective measuring and insights into the business performance.

  • Real-time monitoring is valuable for call centers to optimize resources and customer experience simultaneously. 

  • Built-in reports and analyses save time and effort to export and visualize data with external tools.



Be prioritized for development


Become a highlight of Sales and Marketing

Design Approach

Design Approach.png



∎ User profiles

Based on the user interview of D2's Sales and Support and second-hand research, we identified 2 types of persona with different working scenarios and needs​.

∎ Product studies

I reviewed 8 third-party reports & analytics features from Call Center & CRM services to more general visualization tools.

Product Studies.png

Design concept 

  • Provide reference reports and dashboards with industry-standard metrics

  • Choose accurate visualization graphs based on the purpose of data

  • Allow customization with a low learning-curve

  • Design with scalability in mind





Data Visualization

Data visualization is not a visual decoration of data. Appropriate visualization models make the data easier for users to understand and gain insights from.

Data Visualization.png

∎ Futures

  • Generating reports and visualizations from qualitative data such as Customers' messages and calls.

  • Integrated with NLP and machine learning models (e.x. GPT-3) to get more semantic insights. 

Some of the design process and product info are omitted here.

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