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The work conveys the idea of oblivion by dynamically pixelating images to different levels. User can interact with the interface to control the pixelating level and area which demonstrate the relationship between perception and memories. 


  1. Forgetting process: The image is becoming more pixelated during time. 

  2. Remember process: User can control the area with respectively higher resolution through mouse moving interaction. It is a metaphor of what you are focusing on will be relatively clearer and less likely to fade away.

  3. *Fake memory process:  Relevant random images are merged into the focusing area as fake memories. (Not yet)

  4. Memory result: The final result will become a multi-resolution image depending on different interaction of users.

  5. *3D Static present: Cut out each frame and present it slice by slice in a 3D space as a memory tunnel. (Not yet)

further possibilities

How to capture the interesting part of every photos?


“Self-degradation” photo application:

Import time into static photos / photos are too safe / put some effort to see the clear photo again


// The program is written in Processing. [ 201A Signal Processing / Andres Cabrera ]