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D2 Nova is a tech company with decades of IP communications expertise. In the summer of 2017, I joined the company as its first interaction design intern to help them elevate the overall app experience and aesthetic of, a professional team messaging app. In addition to that, I worked on concept designs for app Voali, prototypes for EVOX admin site, and mockups for EVOX messaging experience. 


Team.bizDefine user flows, update the app information architecture.

Develop and implement design principles, define new interaction patterns.

Provide UI deliverables, interface mockups, and front-end solutions.

Facilitate communication between offshore design team and engineering team.

VoaliCreate app walk-throughs and usability testing. 

Optimize UI per changing needs and requirements.

EVOX Design clickable prototype and interface mockups. 


Web App, Website, Mobile App




HTML CSS Javascript



1. Team.biza professional team messaging app.

This is what the app looks like when I started: 

Interface mockup 2017-07-03

App screenshot 2017-05-23 app suffered from information overload, visual inconsistency, and glitchy interaction

To improve its user experience, I've worked towards simplification, improving clarity, consistency, and aesthetics. Working with product manager, offshore design team (UXI), and engineering team, I’ve focused on optimizing user flows of main features, defining new interaction patterns of transition and animation, updating overall visual design and app information architecture. The design work started off from both ends. It was based on the current app design and also worked towards an ideal interface design. 

Mockup 1 - Aug 10 2017 / New panel structure and overall visual update 

The goal is to simplify the relatively complex panel structure and reorganize the overload information, so as to make the app experience more light weight and reduce the learning curve of the first time users. 

Project link:


Right panel collapse

Right panel global search

Right panel topic setting

Mockup 2 - Oct 9 2017 / Left panel hover effect 

The goal is to make the relatively hidden directory function and new topic function more visible. 

Mockup 3 - Oct 13 2017 / Add Members to conversation flow

The goal is to improve the current add members flow, the header design, and the dropdown menu design. 

Left panel

Add member flow dropdown

Add member flow popup

2. Voali - a multi-device communication solution for small business

The concept of Voali extends from the current by adding voice communications and chat widgets. While focuses on the internal communication between team members, Voali expands its goal towards external customers. Customers can text in through mobile app, and they can also start a conversation from the chat widget on company website.

Concept mockups - Aug 17 2017 / Multi-device scenario

The goal is to create a multi-device using scenario of Voali. These interface mockups were later used as market validation materials. 

Project link:

Web chat widget

Desktop app

Mobile app

Station printer widget

3. EVOXthe business phone system

EVOX is a cloud based business phone system. It is a hardware-free version of the traditional PBX. ( "a telephone system that switches calls between enterprise users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines.") 

I’ve worked on the clickable prototype for EVOX admin site, which displays customer company’s detailed product information and allows them to update their service online. 

Site mockups - 2017-09-17 / Admin Site

Project link:

Selected screens

For EVOX 2.0, we are going to provide users with messaging functionalities. Based on the existing app design, I integrated the messaging features throughout the app. Users can send or receive messages during phone call as well as call out during direct messaging. 

Project link:

Selected screens

Santa Barbara User Experience Meetup Talk