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Collecting insightful materials and getting inspiration from them are critical procedures to those who creates. “Inspirante" is a mobile application specially designed to facilitate this process. With “Inspirante", users can create collections easily and organize their collections clearly. In the “Inspiration" mode, users are encouraged to jump from one idea to another with the guide of an automatic tag-association. 

DEMO / developed with Android Studio

Design Strategy

The searching functionality is based on BFS search. In our algorithm, we model a tag as a node. If two tags appear one collection, we connect the two nodes. When the user searches a tag, we perform a BFS search starting from this tag and return all the related tags.



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Creativity is the combination of objects, displays, feelings, thoughts, ideas, and …

[ a collection + a collection ] is where creativity arises from. 






Mockup / designed with Adobe XD

























Third-Party Components




Facebook’s Shimmer


Picasso Image Loader




// The project is developed with Android SDK, Adobe Experience Design, and Adobe Illustrator. 


Team: Jing Yan / Xuan Wang / Chang He

CS 185 Human Computer Interaction | instructor: Tobias Höllerer