Cloud-based Contact Center Software

Product/UX Design | 08 2019 

This project is to build an easily customizable cloud-based contact center solution for the Taiwan market's mid-size companies to replace their traditional hardware call center and improve their customer experience.

EConnect Manager (see the shipped product) is the supervisor interface used for managing a company's phone lines, auto-attendant settings, agents and teams, and call records. (I also design the EConnect Agent app - a mini CRM that helps agents to keep all customers' information and history in one place and use this knowledge to make phone calls with customers more efficiently - which is in the progress of shipping. )

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- Worked with stakeholders to gather requirements, translated them into product solutions

- Proposed feature structure, defined user flows, sketched out wireframes

- Designed high-fidelity interface mockups, created interactive prototypes 

- Worked with the front-end development team to ensure the implementation of user experience


April-August, 2019


Product & UX & UI design

at D2 Nova


Sketch & Invision app

Atlassian Jira & Confluence

Flowchart Software

Identify Problems

Poor customer experience -

Customer waiting on hold for too long.

Customer not matched to the right agent who can answer their needs


Extra working effort -

Agent repeating the same information again and again

Company spending large effort in managing agents due to quick turnover

Insufficient information -

A company having no way to monitor the performance of customer support

Agent having no way to follow up with existing customers

Design Solutions

Automatic call distribution - We designed advanced ACD(Automatic Call Distribution) features such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Call Queuing, and Call Distribution to connect inbound calls intelligently and immediately to the right agent. 


Team scheduling tool - allow you to organize your agents based on needs, easily manage your team’s coverage during workdays, and normalize your agent’s workload.

Advanced contact logs - you can have an overview of your company’s customer support status by checking how many calls are missed from customers, what are the average wait times for calls, etc. You can also keep track of each agent’s performance by looking into the detail records of each call, such as caller’s sentiment, conversation result, recording, and automatically generated text transcription.

EConnect Manager - Information Architecture Diagram

Clickable Prototype

- Try it on a computer - 

Version 2 Iteration

Design Iteration Process

Backend Architecture

PaperTown - Backend Architecture

Third-Party Components

+  Picasso, Fresco - retrieve, display and cache images from remote data storage. 

+  Matisse - image picking activity

+  ButterKnife, PermissionsDispatcher - code injection to improve productivity

+  Realm - persistent storage management

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