Augmented Reality Art Experience

Augmented Experience | 09 2020 

In this isolated moment, we try to utilize Augmented Reality to provide people with a new way of exploring and interacting with artworks from home. With "Aura! Aura!", people can use the AR camera to scan the surroundings and place dynamic characters and installations in a close distance. By touching the screen, users can also draw "Fulu" (aka sorcerer's emblem) to spawn virtual creatures of organic patterns into real-world spaces. We hope that "Aura! Aura!" can engage people in a second creation that combines virtual scenes with real-world environments in an exciting way. 


Mobile application

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Project Description

Aura! Aura! is a mobile AR art experience by Jing Yan + Mengyu Chen. We built this app in collaboration with the visual artist Miao Jing on Project "Zhen Qu Yuan" in 2020. Inheriting the project's theme of “cultivation”, we select the key characters and scenes from the film of the same title and remix them into an imaginary AR space. Spirited wizard, allegorical mural, Dan furnace...we want people to see these illusions in real life and have a closer relationship with them!

The experience currently has three parts: Pilgrimage, Saṃsāra, and Fulu. In Pilgrimage, a spirited wizard is walking from the mist. You can place her in your surrounding and start this surreal journey. In Saṃsāra, a mural is broken apart and reconstructed into a galaxy-like dynamic field, which is our exploration of creating a spatial AR experience. Users can move their mobile phones to explore in different directions of the scene. In Fulu, we combined our interest in the abstract life system and created a series of primitive life forms that evolved from ancient hieroglyphs. Users can use their fingers to draw trajectories on the screen which will then form an animated Fulu floating and tangling in space.


Jing Yan

AR Experience Design,

App Design & Development

Mengyu Chen

Interactive System,

App Development

Miao Jing

3D Modeling & Animation

Exhibition Mode

Besides seeing Aura! Aura! as a stand-alone AR experience, it can also be used as an enhancement to physical artworks. We joined the exhibition "ZhenQuYuan" hold in AXIS, Chengdu in Oct 2020. Audiences can download the app from their mobile phones and use it to have a more interactive experience with the paintings on the wall. This not only encourages people to see the works through different perspectives but also adds a bit more fun as hidden easter eggs in the exhibition. 

Installation Diagram