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Jing YAN  

I am a media artist, interaction designer, and developer. 

This website shows my recent works in Media Arts and Technology (MAT), UC Santa Barbara, design projects at D2 Nova, and past practices in Advertising at Tongji University. 


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past works
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Jing YAN is a media artist, interaction designer, and developer. She works with Virtual Reality environment, robotics, data visualization, and software application.


As an artist, she focuses on seeking, arguing, and presenting the essential quality of individual existence through computational media and a hybrid of digital and physical entities. Her works discuss psychological aspects such as perception, fantasy, unconscious, memory, and interaction of human-beings as well as organic creations, synthetic matters, and real-world places.


She holds a master of science degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Media Arts and Technology as well as a bachelor of arts degree from Shanghai Tongji University in Advertising.


Currently, she also works as an interaction designer in Santa Barbara to provide professional visual solutions for multi-platform communication software.


DESIGN | Sketch, Invision App, Photoshop, Illustrator, Principle, After Effects

DEVELOPMENT | Unity, Java, C++, Android, OpenGL, Processing, Arduino

jing_yan [at]

jyan [at] d2nova,com


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